I am on a journey
Out on a boat,
On capricious waters
Taking nothing with me.

I need little —
but my heart and soul,
to sing through the night,
and to set clear my goals.

I seek no highs
I seek no lows,
I seek no answers,
Nor do I sigh.

Through gales and winds
I peer to find the shore,
it still remains bleak
as I try to cleanse my sins.

Where the river runs thin
I wait for the rains,
to bathe me through,
Till they run down my veins.

When the water grows evil
I bend low and yield,
I see no signs–
From you to hold me still.

But as the storms blow out
and the clouds stop weeping
I hear your voice clear
And I know you are near.


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Submitted by: Dola
Submitted on: Fri May 16 2014 11:46:02 GMT+0530 (IST)
Category: Original
Language: English

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