This is my story…
When I got married (almost 8 years back) and built a new house (almost 6 years back), we lived in peace for a year. I will come to what destroyed our peace later. But first a piece of fact.

My wife was a zoologist and by practice used to catch insects like the grasshopper or the beetle by hand without damaging the insects body. She was good at it since she had to do this to collect samples for her zoology projects in college.

However, she was afraid of reptiles and especially the wall-lizard.

Well, I did not care much of the wall-lizard. I did not mind it – till it fell over me. But my wife would ensure that all lizards would be out of the house. Every time she used to find one, she used to take a broom and do the needful of putting the lizard out of the house. Sometimes, I would be forced to do the needful. You know, anything for a wife!!

So, now coming back to the second year after our house was built, we lost our peace. There would be a 100 cockroaches in the kitchen, in the bedroom and all over the house. And we spent 2 cans of big HIT (Insecticide) every month killing these. For 4 years this continued. HIT would come with our monthly supplies like dal and atta. At about 400/- per month for 4 years means approximately 18,000/- – spent just on insecticide (poison!).

But 2 years back peace returned.

When my wife had gone to her native place, I did not do anything to the lizards. A couple found permanent residence in my house. On my wife’s return, when she detected these – she tried and failed to put them out of the house. Well.. long story short, the lizards stayed.

And then we realized we are not buying that much HIT anymore. My wife developed a soft corner for the lizards after she saw them eating cockroaches!

Well, today we are happy. We do not buy HIT anymore. And yes, we have a dozen lizards at home who mind their own business and we are happy with that. In fact, we are really happy with that.

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